Dental Surgeon, Vernon BC

Dr. Andrew N Hokhold Inc.

Andrew N. Hokhold, B. Sc., D.M.D., Vernon, BC, is a General Dentist who has focused his practice toward the oral surgery aspect.   Andrew provides a wide scope of dentistry procedures with expertise ranging from the simplest dental extraction to the most complex tooth extraction and procedures including cyst removal and biopsy, bone grafting, full dental clearance with ridge preservation for the placement of dentures, tori/exostosis removal, tooth exposure for orthodontics, segmental osteotomies, sinus closures/ grafts.

We accept patients on a referral basis directly from dentists and/or on a drop-in basis.

Our office is located at #200 2917 28th Ave, Vernon, BC.

Conveniently located downtown Vernon, our office is close to Fruit Union Plaza where Earl’s and A&W are located and kitty-corner to the Journey Inn. 

Call us at  (250)545-9057