Dental CT Scans

Our office incorporates the use of the Pax-Duo3D imaging technology by Vatech.  This imaging system produces the most superior diagnostic digital radiography.

Implementation of this technology allows for a single capture called a Panoramic film which is a 2D (two dimensional) representation of all your teeth.  The 3D component, CT or CAT scan, of this imaging system provides dental professionals with a detailed ‘roadmap’ of the structures of the jaw and the associated nerves that lie within. 

For a tooth that may be involved with the underlying nerve, a CT scan can greatly reduce the possibility for the nerve to become pressurized during surgery.

For the dental professional looking to place implants, the 3D imaging can accurately assist in measuring true jaw bone width and depth.  Upon request, we can provide a CD image to the referring dentist that can be viewed in 3D and manipulated in order to create a treatment plan.

We are also able to perform a sinus CT scan to help assist in diagnosing abnormalities within the sinus cavities.

Upon the consultation appointment, if the dentist notices an area of concern, it may be recommended to you to have a CT scan performed which will not be covered by any dental insurance.  It is generally given as an option to our patients as it is an ‘out of pocket’ expense. 

Our office excels in micromanaging surgical sites to create the least amount of trauma.  This translates into a faster healing time for the patient.  The CT scan allows us to plan out the surgical exposure to minimize the physical impact to a patient.